• A Perilous Predicament Remastered (MP4) - Jynx

Following on from Permit Violation, Beverly's Boss Jynx has come to find out where her employee has got to since she has failed to show up for work, and her last visit of the preceding day was to inspect this property. Assured that Beverly left and had granted all the necessary permits, the boss remains doubtful. She asks to inspect the work in progress, pointing out that she has received no paperwork. When she starts causing trouble, she is overpowered, bound and gagged. All these government officials around the property is becoming a problem, so the owner decides that this one will have to be disposed of. He ties her to his saw bench and places her head beneath the blade, but realizing her will need an alibi, he switches off the power and sets it to come back on when a timer reached three o'clock, allowing him to be away from the property when this busybody meets her fate. He has even been considerate enough to place a clock beside the table so that his victim can see the time counting down. Will poor Jynx escape in time or is she doomed?

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A Perilous Predicament Remastered (MP4) - Jynx

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