• Glimmer Of Hope and Self-Bondage Gone Wrong (MP4) - Hannah Perez

1. Glimmer Of Hope
Hannah has just discovered an intruder in her house. To stop her raising the alarm, he makes her to kneel down, cross her ankles and put her hands on her head. He locks handcuffs around her wrists, securing her arms behind her back. Lowering her all the way to the floor, he next applies a zip tie to her ankles, then loops a second zip tie through a link in the handcuffs chain and connects it to the tie around her ankles, putting Hannah in a tight hogtied position. Finally, he cleave gags her and leaves her to struggle while her robs her. Hannah sees him use some clippers to trim the ends of the zip ties, and knows her has dropped them onto an armchair. She wriggles across the floor to the chair and with some effort, manages to reach up and get the clippers. Before she can free her ankles with them, the intruder returns having realized his oversight. He takes the clippers away, leaving Hannah still securely bound. But there is still a glimmer of hope. Hannah remembers leaving her cellphone on the window ledge. She wriggles her way across the room until she is position directly below where she believes it is located. She cranes her head up far enough to confirm it is still there, but struggle as she may there is just no way she can reach it with her hands zip tied so close to her ankles. Accepting defeat at last Hannah flops down onto the floor, still struggling with her bonds but knowing now that it's futile.

2. Self-Bondage Gone Wrong
Hannah is preparing for a fun evening with her boyfriend. While on the phone to him, she secures a collar around her neck which she has attached to a pole with a ziptie. She has attached handcuffs in the same way, and locks her wrists in these above and behind her head. She is just closing the second bracelet when the phone slips from under her chin and lands on the floor at her feet, along with the handcuffs key. Hannah starts to panic and tries to continue the conversation with her boyfriend, hoping to ask him for help, but the call has been lost. A minute later she receives a text message asking "Where are you?" which she can reach by controlling the phone with her toe, but she can't do anything more. Locked in the handcuffs, Hannah realizes she is in trouble and quite helpless, so in the faint hope that someone will hear her she starts to call out for help. A few minutes later it seems as if all her problems are over; a man comes to the door, looks in through the window and then enters. Hannah is so relieved as she points out where the handcuffs key is resting on the floor, but the man merely regards her. He asks her if she did this to herself, and somewhat embarrassed Hannah has to admit that she did. She asks the man to let her go, but instead he decides that he will steal Hannah's valuables, starting with the cellphone at her feet. When she starts to object, he finds some duct tape and gags her with it. He then raids Hannah's stash of zipties and secures them around her ankles, thighs and waist, the last of them attaching her to the pole, as if she needed to be any more attached to it! The man heads off up stairs to see what else Hannah has that might interest him, leaving her to struggle.

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Glimmer Of Hope and Self-Bondage Gone Wrong (MP4) - Hannah Perez

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