• Strip For Bondage enhanced (MP4) - Niki Lee Young

Niki has been captured by a man who won't explain why he has taken her. He forces her to take off all her clothes then begins to tie her naked body with ropes - first her wrists behind her back, then her ankles and thighs, followed by making her kneel down so that he can wrap more rope around her waist and chest. Niki keeps begging him to let her go, so to silence her he stuffs a cloth into her mouth before wrapping duct tape around her head, sealing the cloth in and preventing her from speaking. To add to her discomfort, Niki is then secured in a hogtie before being left to struggle. Her nipples stand up, suggesting she is either cold or slightly aroused by her predicament, and it really is a predicament because she can't get free.

17 minutes 25 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 816.2 MB


Strip For Bondage enhanced (MP4) - Niki Lee Young

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