• Unhealthy Competition (MP4) - Jessica

Jessica has just arrived home after a tiring day at work, and all she wants to do is relax with a cup of tea and catch up on messages. When the door bell rings, she finds a colleague from the office paying her a surprise visit. It transpires that this colleague has applied for the same promotion as Jessica, but she is clearly confident that she is the management's first choice for the job. Her colleague agrees, which is why he has come up with a way to ensure she will not be there for the final interview in the morning. He intends to tie her up to make sure she misses work. Jessica finds herself left with no choice and is soon handcuffed to the back of a chair, her ankles attached to the chair legs with zip ties, and rope coiled around her body to further pin her to the chair. Jessica tries to reason with her colleague, but to no avail. He cleave gags her to shut her up, then departs, confident that he will not receive the promotion. Jessica struggles to free herself, but there is no escaping the tightly-closed cuffs securing her wrists, or the zip ties holding her legs in place.

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Unhealthy Competition (MP4) - Jessica

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