• Made To Tie Herself Up (MP4) - Jessica

Jessica has received a phone call to tell her that all of the money has been stolen from her bank account by a cyber-criminal. After verifying that this is true, Jessica agrees to the thief's demands. It seems that he has arranged to set up means for her to tie herself up in her garage. He insists that she do this, including tape gagging herself, before he will return her money. Seeing no other way out of this dilemma, Jessica complies with his wishes, ziptying her ankles together, gagging herself with tape and finally, locking her wrists in cuffs suspended from a ring on the ceiling. Soon after she has secured herself, her phone rings. It goes to voicemail, and after her greeting, the thief leaves a message to say he just wanted her to tie herself up so that he could think of her in this predicament while he enjoys himself spending her money.

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Made To Tie Herself Up (MP4) - Jessica

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