• No Hope Of Getting Free (MP4) - Jessica

Jessica is just going about the business of the day when she turns around and finds that someone has let himself into her home. She is startled at first, but gathering her wits, she demands to know what he is doing there. That's when it becomes apparent that his intentions are bad. He makes Jessica put her arms behind her back and he promptly tiptoes her wrists together. After making her get down on the floor, he does the same to her ankles and finally cleave gags her to keep her quiet. Now he can relieve her of her cash and jewelry without interruption. When he is ready to leave, however, the intruder feels that Jessica is too mobile and could potentially cut herself free or make it to a phone to call for help, so he makes her get herself up onto a stool, whereupon he tiptoes her arms to the chair back, and her ankles to the lower part of the frame, making sure that she will not be able to move around after he leaves. Jessica is left sitting there in unbreakable restraints, with no hope of getting free.

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No Hope Of Getting Free (MP4) - Jessica

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