• Bound Business Woman Remastered (MP4) - Jynx

Jynx is arriving home after a long day at the office. All she wants is to get into her house, kick off her heels and relax with a nice drink of scotch. While she's trying to unlock her front door, a man runs out of the shrubbery and overpowers her, dragging her down with a cloth over her mouth. When she wakes, she is bound and gagged and lying on her kitchen floor. Her first thought is to call for help and she makes her way to her jacket in search of her cell phone. The phone has been removed, however, and scouting around, Jynx sees it on the kitchen table. she slides over to the foot of the table and uses her feet to knock the phone onto the floor. There, she manages to get it open, but now she has to get the duct tape off her mouth. She succeeds just enough to be able to speak and then turns her attention back to the phone. She doesn't want the have the authorities all over her and asking questions for the rest of the evening, so she calls a friend to come over and help her out of her bondage.Now all she can do is wait since she can't get free on her own.

13 minutes 41 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 633.5 MB


Bound Business Woman Remastered (MP4) - Jynx

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