• Moonshiners Remastered (MP4) - Jasmine St James and Scarlett Storm

Jasmine is a Federal Agent posing as a potential purchaser of moonshine. She is trying to entrap Scarlett and her partner who are manufacturing fake vintage wine and spirits using a still. Scarlett takes Jasmine out to the barn where the manufacturing is in progress. Once Jasmine has seen, and indeed tasted the contraband, she announces herself and secures Scarlett with zip ties, forcing her to call her partner and tell him to come back to the house quickly because they have a new, potentially big client. What Jasmine doesn't know is that the couple have a prearranged signal to warn of trouble - Scarlett calls her partner David instead of Dave. Jasmine leaves Scarlett gagged with duct tape wrapped right around the girl's head to keep her from alerting her partner when he arrives. Jasmine then goes back to the house to watch for Dave's arrival.

Jasmine is unaware that Dave has found Scarlett. He makes a loud noise to lure Jasmine out, then presses a cloth over the girl's nose and mouth to take her out. He then frees Scarlett who promptly tied up Jasmine, wrists and ankles, then sits the agent up on a box of before attached rope pinning her arms to her body, and then returning the favour of a duct tape gag. The pair now have to vacate the premises before someone comes looking for Jasmine, who insists that backup will be coming, so they load up their vehicles with all they can transport, then Scarlett frees Jasmine feet so that she can walk to the car. Jasmine is bundled onto the back seat and her legs re-tied, and her mouth re-gagged. Before Scarlett can drive away, however, sirens blare in the distance, coming rapidly closer. Seeing that the cops have arrived, Scarlett makes a run for it into the woods, and the first cop on the scene rescues Jasmine.

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Moonshiners Remastered (MP4) - Jasmine St James and Scarlett Storm

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