• The Stalker (MP4) - Jasmine St James

Jasmine is an actress who has picked up a stalker. She informs a friend that she is going to Mexico for a few weeks, hoping to shake him off. When the door bell rings, she hangs up the phone and goes to pick up what she believes is a delivery of new bikinis. Instead, the man stalking her is standing on her doorstep. He pushes him way into the house and ties Jasmine to a chair, insisting that she just needs time to get to know him. Left alone for a few minutes, Jasmine is able to wriggle free and makes a run for it. Before she can get to her car, however, the stalker intercepts her, ties her wrists together behind her back, and bundles her into his own car, planning to t ake her to his own house where he will keep her prisoner. Later, Jasmine finds herself tied to another chair, this time in the stalker's bedroom. He is becoming disillusioned now and is starting to be hostile towards her. Jasmine manages to free herself for a second time in his absence, and when he catches her once more trying to escape from him, he makes her stip down to her bra and panties and ties her to his bed, this time using zip ties to ensure that she cannot escape again.

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The Stalker (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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