• The Bitch in HR Fired Him and Rough Landing enhanced (MP4) - Jennifer


1. The Bitch in HR Fired Him
Jennifer works in Human Resources at her company, and has the unenviable job of firing people when they don't make the grade with their work. Today is a particular trying encounter when she tries to fire Dave, an employee who has been with the company for years and resents these HR people for passing judgment on him. At the end of the interview, he storms our hurling insults and threatening to get even. This reaction is not all that unusual and Jennifer thinks nothing more of it, at least not until she arrives home and finds that Dave has broken into her house. He rants at her about how humiliating it is to be fired for a job, and he now plans to turn the tables. He puts Jennifer in plastic cuffs, tightened on her wrists and ankles, then gags her to shut her up. He also decides to blindfold her before unbuttoning her sweater and pulling up her skirt. He promises that tomorrow he will make her call in sick to work so that they can spend days together like this. Jennifer struggles when left alone but the cuffs are thick and tight so there is no way to break them or wriggle out of them.

2. Rough Landing
Flight Attendant Jennifer is just arriving home after a long, international trip when she encounters an intruder in her house. He secures a long zip tie around her waist, then crosses her wrists and zip ties these together, passing this tie under the one encircling her waist so that she cannot move her arms. Finally, he makes Jennifer sit on the floor and zip ties her ankles together. He uses her own scarf to cleave gag her, explaining that he needs to ensure she stays out of the way. Once the man is gone, she tries to slide out of the zip ties, but they are tight and grip her wrists firmly. She is about to despair when she remembers she left her cell phone on the kitchen table. She cranes her head to make sure it is still there. She starts working her way over to the table, with no idea how she is going to reach the phone. She can't push herself up with her hands! She uses a chair to help her lift her legs, then stretching as far as she can with her feet on the table, but the phone is just out of reach. She tries again and again, stretching a little further each time. At last, she feels the phone with her foot and manages to drag it to the edge of the table. She pulls it over and it falls on the floor. Jennifer works her way around until her hands can reach the phone. She presses the buttons but nothing happens. The phone must have broken when the fall.

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The Bitch in HR Fired Him and Rough Landing enhanced (MP4) - Jennifer

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