• The Dream Remastered (MP4) - Lily Anna


Lily finds herself tied up and gagged on the back seat of a car in a remote wooded location. She can't remember how she got there, but she is determined to escape. She opens the car door with her feet and climbs out. Her shoes have disappeared, so she must hop bare foot through the woodland, looking for a road or a gas station where someone can free her wrists and ankles. She hops for a long time, landing on twigs and stones and grunting with the pain, but she is determined not to give up. As she tires, her balance becomes less certain, and finally she falls... Only to wake with a start to find herself in her office at home! What a dream! What could have prompted it? She looks at her computer screen and sees that she was viewing pages on a bondage website. No wonder! She laughs at her own foolishness and is just starting to relax again when she hears a noise in the house. She goes to investigate, descending into the basement where she encounters an intruder. She screams and the picture goes to black. When it returns, Lily is laying on the floor in handcuffs anchored to her waist with a heavy chain, the chain secured in place with a padlock. Lily is gagged with duct tape and her ankles are bound with rope. It's a nightmare made real! After a few minutes Lily manages to untie her feet, allowing her to get up and get out of the house. There is nothing she can do about the cuffs and the padlocked chain, or even her gag, so she makes her escape wearing these. She hobbles barefoot through the woods, trying to get to a neighbor’s house to summon help, but it is not long before she is hopelessly lost. She desperately tries to reach the duct tape sealing her mouth so she can call out for help, but it lies just beyond the reach of her stretching fingers. Lily has no choice but to keep going in case the man who chained her up should find her. Too late - he is already rushing through the woods in pursuit.

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The Dream Remastered (MP4) - Lily Anna

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