• Tape Bondage - Volume 1 (MP4) - 73 minutes


A compilation of clips showing girls in duct tape bondage, bound and gagged. Each sequence is approximately 6 minutes in length, and derive from the following:

Rachel Adams: Captive In Tape
Cadence Lux: The Silent Intruder
Alba Zevon: The Ardent Admirer
Jasmine St James & Carissa Montgomery: Tightly Taped
Tilly McReese & Cadence Lux: The Scarlet Avenger
Sinthia Bee: Let Me Tie You Up
Carissa Montgomery: In Business For Herself
Lea Hart: Personal Secretary
Hannah Perez: Trapped In Tape
Vonka Romanov: The Cab Driver
Rachel Adams: An Imperfect Evening

73 minutes 24 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 5,404.8 MB

Supplied in 3 Parts

Tape Bondage - Volume 1 (MP4) - 73 minutes

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