• Joy Of Vengeance Remastered (MP4) - Tina Lee Comet and Constance


Constance has obtained a job intended for Tina by lying about her competitor. Tina does not take kindly to this and grabbed Constance as she leaves the office, driving her bound and gagged in the trunk of her car to a nice remote location. Upon arrival, Tina opens the trunk and looks in on her victim, grinning at seeing her so helpless. She drags Constance from the trunk, lifts her over her shoulder and carries her indoors. Here, Tina torments Constance, telling her that she can just lay there and struggle while Tina gets changed ready to go to the office to recover the job intended for her, stressing the fact that Constance is obviously unreliable. After changing, Tina returns and attaches handcuffs to her captive’s wrists before using a zip tie to attach the cuffs to a metal ring screwed into the ceiling. With a pair of scissors, Tina cuts off Constance’s clothes to humiliate her further, then departs for the office leaving the girl naked, gagged with a dirty shirt from the laundry bin, and standing on the balls of her feet.

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Joy Of Vengeance Remastered (MP4) - Tina Lee Comet and Constance

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