• Wonder Woman: The Amulet Of Zoltar and The Doomsday Missile (MP4) - Jasmine St James (featuring Rachel Adams)


1. The Amulet Of Zoltar

16 minutes 22 seconds - 960x540 pixels - MP4: 835.9 MB
Jasmine Prince (Wonder Woman) has learned of a powerful artifact falling into the hands of Rick, a megalomaniacal criminal, and realizes she might be the only one who can prevent him performing evil deeds with it. She makes her way to his hideout and confronts him, but Ricky has been expecting her and uses the amulet against her, sapping much of her strength and making it possible for him to overcome her. He ties Wonder Woman to a chair and zaps her a little more to keep her weak. In his subsequent absence, some of her power returns, just enough to pull free of the ropes holding her, but before she is able to take action, Rick returns and diminishes her strength yet again. This time, he ties her spreadeagled on a bed, then resumes plotting and scheming with his cohorts. Left alone long enough this time, Wonder Woman is able to zap the amulet from him before he can use it on her again, then chases him into the woods where Ricky faces his day of reckoning.

2. The Doomsday Missile

26 minutes 43 seconds - 960x540 pixels - MP4: 1,342.1 MB
Unaware that Jasmine Prince is also Wonder Woman, Jasmine is snatched and tied up in the trunk of a car. We join her during being transported to a hideout, the plan being to keep her prisoner until Wonder Woman shows up to rescue her, at which time our superhero will be captured and restrained using cuffs and chains made from the metal Restrainium, the only element that can hold someone so powerful. Once she is captured, the villains, Asher and Rick, launch their Doomsday missile to take out Washington D.C. Not being fools, they also have a backup plan in case anything goes wrong.

Jasmine is tied to a chair and gagged to await rescue. Left alone, she is finally able to transform into Wonder Woman. Now she plans to kick some ass! When she attempts to use her lassoo of truth on Rick to discover the evil plan, however, he produces his phone and shows her FBI Agent Rachel Adams bound and gagged in another location, watched over by his colleague Asher. To safeguard Rachel, Wonder Woman must surrender to Rick and allow his to restrain her. Once the superhero is secured, Rick and Asher talk on the phone to establish that all is well, and that the missile is about to launch. The countdown has already started, so Wonder Woman must use every last ounce of strength to break free of her restraints before it is too late! She also needs to rescue Rachel before the villains have no further use for her.

Wonder Woman: The Amulet Of Zoltar and The Doomsday Missile (MP4) - Jasmine St James (featuring Rachel Adams)

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