• The Twins Conundrum (MP4) - Jasmine St James


Intrepid reporter Jasmine Lane is researching some crimes that bear the tell-tale signature of a man already convicted and imprisoned. The authorities don't believe there is any connection, but Jasmine is sure she is right. We join her as she finally uncovers the piece of evidence she needs. Now she will track down the real culprit and present her case as a fait accompli. As she is on her way to her car, however, the man she has been hunting for appears out of nowhere and grabs her. He carries her back into the house, makes her handcuff herself, then ties her to a chair. He desperately wants to know how she found out about him, but Jasmine is not talking. She is clearly a danger to him, and he decides that he will have to get rid of her somehow. Later, he ties her to her bed and kissing her, while she struggles in disgust. It's his farewell gesture, however. He sniffs the air and asks her if she can smell gas. After he leaves, Jasmine works frantically to free herself, manages to get one hands out of the rope binding it. She frees herself, beginning to cough as the concentration of gas builds up to dangerous levels. She crawls along the corridor, keeping low and hoping to reach the cooker to turn off the gas before she passes out. Will she make it, or is this the end of her heroic career?

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The Twins Conundrum (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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