• Staged Ransom (MP4) - Jasmine St James


Jasmine's step-father has been tightening the reigns on her expenditure lately, and has just refused to give her the funds for a trip to Paris. Tired of his controlling ways, Jasmine concocts a plan to get some money out of him, by staging her own captivity and creating a ransom demand to get her bank, aided by her friend Rick. She asks Rick to tape her wrists and ankles and film a video to convince her step-dad that she really is in trouble. It doesn't work, so she instructs rip to add more tape and make another video, ramping up her performance to make the whole thing more convincing. When this still doesn't work, she gets Rick to tape her to a chair, complaining all the while about how uncomfortable the tape is on her skin, then gives the performance of her life to convince her tight-fisted guardian that he needs to save her. Will her ploy work? Only time will tell.

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Staged Ransom (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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