• Car Thief (MP4) - Rachel Adams


Rachel is trying to break into Rick’s car to steal it when he comes out of his house and catches her. He grabs her, handcuffs her and drags her into his house. He takes her to his bedroom where he adds shackles to her ankles, then connects the chains together with padlocks, placing her in a hogtie position. He duct tapes Rachel's mouth the keep her quiet, saying he will leave her like this for a few hours before calling the police as extra punishing. Rachel struggles against her metal restraints even though she knows she cannot escape from them. She makes sufficient noise that Rick returns and decides to tie her in a position where she will be less able to move. Soon, she is spreadeagled on the bed and tape gagged once again. Now Rick says he will summon the cops. Rachel really does not want to be arrested and does her best to escape from her bonds. She is still struggling when Rick returns later to say that the cops have arrived.

18 minutes 54 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,240.3 MB

Car Thief (MP4) - Rachel Adams

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