• The Perverted Witness (MP4) - Monica Jade


Monica is observed breaking into a car to steal someone’s phone. A few days later, the person who witnessed her crime comes to visit it and shows her that he recorded the event on his phone. He should report it to the police, but decides to find out if she will let him tie her up and gag her for a while, in exchange for his silence. Monica really does not want to do this, but this is not her first offense, and this time she could end up in prison. It all comes down to what is worse, imprisoned in ropes for a few hours or imprisoned in a jail cell for months. She decides to risk letting this pervert tie her up. Once she is secured, he decides to leave her there for a while, saying he will be back later to let her go, maybe. Once he leaves, Monica begins struggling. If she can only free herself, her problems will all be solved... If.

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The Perverted Witness (MP4) - Monica Jade

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