• The Banker's Girlfriend and The Burglar Who Got The Girl (MP4) - Jasmine St James

1. The Banker's Girlfriend
Jasmine is relaxing in her home in casual clothes when there is a knock at the door. She answers and a man pushes his way in. She tries to run but her assailant is too fast and he catches her. He quickly binds Jasmine's wrists together behind her back and gags her, before leading her to his car and placing her on the back seat. He ties her ankles, then drives her to a location where she will be kept. Jasmine's boyfriend is the President of a bank, and she is being used as leverage to make him transfer ten million dollars to an offshore account. This he will do if he ever wants to see his girlfriend again. At the hideout, Jasmine is tied to a chair and then made to talk to her boyfriend on the phone, offering proof that she has indeed been taken. She is then gagged and left to sit there for a while. Later, she is informed that her boyfriend is cooperating with the thieves, and that she should be freed by the next morning. For overnight arrangements, Jasmine is made to remove her pants and she is tied to a bed wearing only her bra and panties. Duct tape keeps her quiet. In the morning, she is informed that she will only be tied up for a few more hours.

2. The Burglar Who Got The Girl
Jasmine has just arrived home from an all night party and is thinking about going to bed, when a man appears at the back door of her home. Suspecting he is up to no good, she runs to hide in a cupboard where she can call the police. In her panic, she drops the phone, and not daring to go back for it, she gets into the cupboard. The burglar knows she is in the house and looks for her, finding her dropped phone. He hears a noise from the cupboard and pulls her out. He had planned on only stealing her belongings, but now he decides that he would rather have her instead. He ties her hands and gags her, then walks her out to his car. Later, Jasmine is tied to a chair in the burglar's bedroom, where he envisages a nice relationship developing. Jasmine makes it very clear that is never going to happen, so he gags her and leaves her alone to calm down. Jasmine struggles to get free but is unable to escape.

The Banker's Girlfriend and The Burglar Who Got The Girl (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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