• Services Not Required (MP4) - Jessica


Jessica is just about to leave for the office when she encounters an intruder in her home. She soon learns that he is not there to rob her; rather, he has been paid to make sure she does not go to work. Jessica can't believe this is happening, thinking it must be a prank, but the intruder is very serious about his task. He makes her undress, just to humiliate her and entertain him, then he tapes her wrists and ankles to a chair to maintain control of her, allowing him to go off and rest, otherwise it would be a long day. When Jessica will not stop talking, he decides to gag her with the same tape, then leaves her in her own company. She struggles against the tape, but it barely stretches at all, and certainly will not tear. She is stuck sitting there, completely naked, until the intruder decides to free her.

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Services Not Required (MP4) - Jessica

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