• Seeing Her Like This (MP4) - Rachel Adams


Rachel's home has been robbed and the burglar has left her taped to a chair, vet wrap around her head to gag her. She has been sitting there for hours struggling to free herself when, suddenly, her neighbor is there! He has come to visit, and is startled to find her tied up. He removes her gag and establishes that she is not hurt, and then admits that he has always had a fantasy about seeing her like this. She wants him to cut her loose but he is reluctant to end this experience. He checks the house to make sure the burglar really has gone, leaving Rachel still secured to the chair in the meantime. At last, he succumbs to her repeated requests to be released and is about to start cutting away the duct tape, when his phone vibrates. He takes the call and learns that his presence at work is required immediately. He starts to depart, calling back to Rachel that he will call the cops for her on his way, leaving her still in bondage. Rachel is furious, but there's not a thing she can do about it.

16 minutes 43 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 886.4 MB

Seeing Her Like This (MP4) - Rachel Adams

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