• What Do You Want (4K upscaled) - Jasmine St James


Jasmine walks into her office at home to find a man waiting for her. Startled, Jasmine almost turns to run, but the man orders her to come all the way into the room and shut the door. She asks him: "What do you want?" and he replies: "I want to tie you up." He makes Jasmine kneel down on the floor and expertly binds her wrists together behind her back, then adds rope above and below her breasts, pinning her arms to her sides. When Jasmine demands to know why the man is doing this to her, he gags her with duct tape to stop the questions, then resumes tying her up. Her wraps rope around her ankles and ties it off tightly, then adds rope to her thighs and ties that tightly too. Finally, he turns Jasmine over and connects all the ropes together, putting her into a hogtie. There are now so many layers of rope wrapped around her wrists that she has little hope of loosening it, and no hope at all of finding any knots that matter. Leaving her tightly trussed up, the man departs. Jasmine struggles with her bonds, trying to find anything to untie, but nothing is within her reach. She is trapped and helpless and going absolutely nowhere.

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What Do You Want (4K upscaled) - Jasmine St James

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