• Waiting For The Ransom enhanced (MP4) - Hannah Perez

Hannah is the daughter of a very successful business man. He gives Hannah a token job at his company and pays her a large salary, and she spends half her days sitting at streetside cafes drinking tea until the day the waiter sneaks up behind her and presses a cloth over her nose and mouth. For Hannah, day turns suddenly to night. She recovers in a very different location where a man is busy tying her to a chair. Hannah tries to speak, to reason with this man, but he has wrapped a whole load of microfoam tape around her head, sealing her mouth shut. All she can do is struggle but since her wrists and ankles are already bound, there is little she can do to resist his attentions. He applies rope around her chest, pinning her to the chair. Satisfied that Hannah is secure, her captor goes away to get his phone and call her father to demand a large ransom for her safe return. Hannah struggles, trying to free her wrists, but the ropes are right and unyielding; she is really in trouble. The man returns already in conversation with her father. He holds the phone close to Hannah's head and she mmmphs through her gag, her words completely unintelligible. The man says this will have to do as proof of life and walks away as he issues threats about returning Hannah in little pieces if the money is not paid. Hannah redoubles her efforts to get free but it's hopeless. She will have to sit and wait for the ransom to be paid.

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Waiting For The Ransom enhanced (MP4) - Hannah Perez

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