• A Burglar Makes Them Strip enhanced (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery & Dixie Comet

This was an experiment to see how far one could push the boundaries of enhancing a video. The original file of this clip was lost some time ago, and all that survived was a 640x480-pixel version in WMV format. I always wanted to remaster it but that was never going to happen. So I did the next best thing: In order to work on it using a Mac, the file had to be converted to a Quicktime movie and then fed into Final Cut Pro to enhance the picture. It's not perfect but the result is amazing considering its origin. I've made the movie cheap for you guys in case you're disappointed in the quality.

Original description: Carissa and Dixie arrive home after a fun shopping trip, only to find a burglar in their house. He does not want them running outside to alert neighbours or the authorities when he has departed, so he forces them to undress each other and tie each other up with zip ties. The girls even have to apply their own gags! After he leaves, the girls realize they either have to get to a phone to summon help, or find something sharp to cut through the zip ties since there is no hope of escaping from those otherwise. Carissa checks her back, and is frustrated to discover that she has left he cell phone in the car. The girls slide themselves along on their butts and enter the kitchen, when Carissa kneels up and opens a drawer. She retrieves a pair of scissors in her mouth - there is hope of escape, but they'd better get on with it in case the bad guy comes back!

19 minutes 40 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 914.6 MB

A Burglar Makes Them Strip enhanced (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery & Dixie Comet

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