• Agent Taken By Surprise & Missing together (MP4) - Shauna Ryanne

1. Agent Taken By Surprise
Agent Shauna Ryanne bursts into the house of a criminal she has been hunting and catches him on the phone and off his guard. She orders him to stand and place his hands behind his back, producing a pair of handcuffs ready to restrain him. Unexpectedly, the criminal swings round and grabs her by the waist, knocking her off her feet. She struggles to break free of his grasp, but before she can succeed, the criminal grabs her cuffs and locks them on her wrists. Shauna is now in big trouble. The criminal secures her ankles with a zip tie and gags her by wrapping duct tape around her head. To immobilize Shauna, he contrives a hog tie by linking the handcuffs and the zip tie around her ankles using another zip tie. Shauna, left alone, works her way across the floor towards the criminal's cellphone. She tugs on the table and manages to knock the phone onto the floor. Before she can call for help, however, the criminal returns and catches her in the act. He takes away the phone and ties Shauna to a chair to stop her moving around completely. He pulls Shauna's blouse open, ostensibly checking for a wire but really, just enjoying himself now. Shauna is secured tied and then cleave gagged. Try as she might, she can't free herself from the ropes holding her. This agent is truly down.

2. Missing
Shauna has been missing from her place of work for several days and no one seems able to find her. They have not thought to look in the basement of a man who has been admiring her from afar for weeks, and now wants to keep her for himself. He has her tied to a chair with rope wrapped around her ankles, her knees, her waist and her shoulders. Her wrists are tied together behind her back and the ends of the rope secured to the cross bar at the top of the chair back, where poor Shauna can't reach it. She has been ungagged for a while, but she abuses the privilege by calling out, demanding that her keeper let her go. When he re-enters the room, he doesn't comply with Shauna's demands. Far from it! Instead, he feels her leg and slides his hand up her thigh, lifting the hem of her skirt until the tops of her thigh-high stockings are showing. Shauna objects to being touched like this and calls the guy a creep, which is when he decides to stuff her mouth with a cloth and gag her with duct tape. (Unfortunately, the gagging sequence is missing from the video - sorry guys). Shauna fights hard with the coils of rope tied around her legs and body, but she can't seem to get anything to loosen. She does manage to move the chair a little, making enough noise to bring her keeper back to add a little more rope. He ties a length around Shauna's wrists and passes it under the seat of her chair where he ties the ends to her ankles, totally out of her reach. He pulls her skirt up a little higher before leaving her alone again, promises to return and pay more attention to her soon. Her movements restricted more than ever, Shauna has no choice but to sit there and wait to see what this crazy man has in store for her next.

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Agent Taken By Surprise & Missing together (MP4) - Shauna Ryanne

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