• I Would Love For You To Tie Me Up enhanced (MP4) - Jade Indica

Jade has arrived at the house of a man who ties up models for a living. It seems her friend Shelly has bet Jade that she could not take being tied up the way she herself often is, so Jade decides to prove her wrong. She explains that the two girls now have a bet going, and she asks the rigger to restrain her. Her exact words are: "I Would Love For You To Tie Me Up". He is only to happy to oblige her and invites her in. He ties her to a chair with plenty of rope, then gags her with an usual-looking ballgag. He takes a few photographs and tells Jade that he will send these to her friend as proof that she was actually tied up and gagged. He departs and Jade seems quite happy to sit in bondage for a while. However, time passes and the rigger does not return. Jade tries to call out but her ballgag muffles her cries. She starts to seriously struggle to get free, but she is too well tied and can't seem to make any progress. She becomes steadily more frantic to get free, but she seems to be entirely alone in the house. How long will she have to sit there trapped before the rigger returns?

Noise reduction using "Neat".

18 minutes 48 second - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 869.8 MB

I Would Love For You To Tie Me Up enhanced (MP4) - Jade Indica

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