• The Binder's Apprentice - Part 1 enhanced (MP4 1080p) - Cadence Lux, Autumn Bodell & Laci Star

The police have never been able to gather enough evidence against the man they suspect of being The Binder, despite keeping him under constant surveillance. Part of the problem is that he has not been active of late, having suffered an injury which slows him down. The women of the area might breathe a sigh of relief at this news, were it not for the fact that The Binder now has an apprentice. In the opening scene, Dominic Boyle, a successful businessman, is in an argument with Kim, his personal assistant of several years. She says she is quitting because she is tired of having him tie her up all the time, making her stay late at the office. When he says he was planning to fire her anyway, she storms out of the office, slamming the door. A few moments later, a knock comes on the door and Boyle it is Kim having forgotten something, but instead he is startled to see the very man he worships - The Binder himself! When the old man gives his consent for Boyle to take over his activities until he recovers from his illness, the younger man is overwhelmed and promises not to let his mentor down. Boyle sets to work the very next day by enter the house of Autumn Bodell and her housemate Laci, two of the Binder's past victims. We join him just as he finishes placing the girls in hogties and gagging them, taking a few photographs for his album before departing. The girls struggle desperately to get free, and after a while Autumn thinks to retrieve her cellphone from her purse and call Cadence Lux, one of the detectives assigned to The Binder case.

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The Binder's Apprentice - Part 1 enhanced (MP4 1080p) - Cadence Lux, Autumn Bodell & Laci Star

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