• Cat Burglar Caught enhanced (MP4) - Tia & Kelli

Tia is a cat burglar who has just arrived home after a night of stealing. A minute after she arrives, a loud knock comes on the door, and when she answers it she finds a cop (Kelli) on her doorstep. The cop has her pistol drawn and tells Tia she is under arrest for burglary. She handcuffs Tia and then marches her into the house, saying that she is going to search the premises for stolen jewellery. While Kelli is out of the room, Tia tries to make a run for it and goes out the front door, trying to get into her Jeep, but Kelli chases after her and brings her back indoors. Feeling that she has to make Tia more secure, Kelli sits her on a chair and ties her to it with a lot of rope. Because Tia keeps hurling abuse at her, Kelli searches for and finds a roll of black duct tape and gags her prisoner. She continues tying Tia to the chair, getting carried away as she adds more and more rope, coiling it all the way from her prisoner's ankles to her shoulders. Kelli searches the house for the stolen jewels and finds some of them, but then she receives a call on her radio to attend a hostage situation, so she leaves Tia bound and gagged with the promise of returning later to finish of what she started.

Noise reduction using "Neat".

18 minutes 58 seconds - 1280x720 pixels - MP4: 880.0 MB

Cat Burglar Caught enhanced (MP4) - Tia & Kelli

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