• Betrayal Remastered (MP4) - Tia & Chen

This video has been completely remastered from the original recording and is now presented in HD for the first time. This means it has been re-edited, the white balance has been corrected, and sound and color have been augmented. This version is almost two minutes longer than the original release.

Chen has discovered that her colleague Tia has been misappropriating funds at the office and is making look as if she, Chen, is guilty. Chen arrives at Tia's home before going to work to confront the girl and warn her off, presenting her with irrefutable evidence of her misdeeds. However, when Tia denies everything, Chen says she has no choice but to talk to the boss. Tia panics and overpowers her colleague before she can leave the house, dragging her to the floor and putting her in a choke hold until she passes out. Tia ties Chen to a chair, and when the girl wakes up and begins to complain, she gags her with a cleave gag. Tia checks Chen's purse for the evidence she mentioned, and finding it, she tucks it into her blouse, planning to dispose of it later. Tia moves Chen's cell phone to a safe distance to make sure the girl cannot summon help. When Tia is out of the room, Chen manages to inch her chair across the room until she can reach the phone, but before she can use it, Tia discovers what she is up to and takes the phone away from her. Tia is not the greatest rope-smith, and with some effort Chen manages to free herself. She waits in hiding, and when Tia returns Chen jumps her, delivering a neck chop which renders the girl unconscious. Chen places Tia in a hogtie, and then gags her with several strips of duct tape. Chen tells her colleague that she must get to work and that she will return later... maybe. (The movie ends with a little behind the scenes sequence and an outtake).

23 minutes 24 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,090.4 MB

Betrayal Remastered (MP4) - Tia & Chen

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