• The Sacrifice (MP4) - Vonka Romanov

Vonka is a plain clothes detective investigating reports of women screaming in the woods in the vicinity of a secluded house. She goes to speak to the occupant who claims to have heard nothing at all, and is reluctant to let Vonka into his home to look around, capitulating only when she threatens to get a warrant and return with several police officers. She finds some odd things in the house, women's clothing, ropes and ballgags, and wants to know what these are used for. The owner tells her it's none of her business, but Vonka's suspicions are fully aroused now. She excuses herself to use the bathroom, giving the man an opportunity to look in her bag and check her cellphone. Realizing that she has information on him, he decides to take drastic action. When she returns and is preparing to leave, he gets the drop on her and ties her up. Vonka spends the rest of the day in a hogtie and a bed tie, until she is finally led into the woods and staked out on the ground, wearing on her bra and panties. At midnight, the man explains, his followers will come for and she will be sacrificed to the deity they worship. Vonka struggles frantically deep into the night but there is no escape. Soon, a group of hooded men will come for her.

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The Sacrifice (MP4) - Vonka Romanov

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