• The Final Problem (MP4) - Jasmine St James & Cadence Lux

The third part of the trilogy of clips where Jasmine is an investigative reporter who is grabbed by a human trafficking ring. She escapes numerous times but they always reacquire her. After several failed attempts to transport her to her destination, she is brought back to the house where she was first held to await the arrival of Jennifer, the head of the organization. When Jasmine tries to escape again, she comes face to face with Cadence, a woman she has come across before, a small time thief. To Jasmine's surprise, Cadence turns out to be the infamous Jennifer. Tired of the reporter's disruptions to her business, Cadence takes her back into the house where she chastises her bungling help before stripping Jasmine down to her bra and panties and groping her. Cadence ties up Jasmine and is still tearing the men off a strip when they grab her, strip her down to her panties and tie her up too. Tired of her attitude, they have decided to sell her along with Jasmine and double their profits, not least because Cadence plans to cut them out anyway. The two women are tied to the bed with Rick decides to have a little fun before wishing the girls bon voyage.

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The Final Problem (MP4) - Jasmine St James & Cadence Lux

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