• Uncooperative Secretary enhanced (MP4) - Madison Grey

Madison is working in her office when a thief rushes in and grabs her, clamping a hand over her mouth as he warns her not to cry out. He pushes a cloth into Madison's mouth and warns her not to spit it out, then he ties her up (on screen) - wrists, ankles and knees. Finally, Madison does spit out the cloth, so the thief pushes another cloth into her mouth and seals it there with duct tape. He departs to break into the office safe, leaving Madison to struggle. She remembers that she has scissors in her desk drawer and manages to retrieve them. She is attempting to cut the rope binding her wrists when the thief returns, taking the scissors away and telling her that the combination he had been given for the safe is wrong. He ungags her and demands that she tell him what it is, but Madison insists that she doesn't know it. The thief gags her again (this time a cleave gag with her own scarf) and goes away to try the safe again. Madison continues trying to free herself but does not succeed before an angry thief returns. He warns her that there is a price to pay for not cooperating with him. He blindfolds her and picks her up, carrying her from the office. In the next scene, Madison is lying bound, gagged and blindfolded on the back seat of a car bouncing along a remote track. At last, the car stops and the thief drags Madison out onto the grass. He drives away, leaving her there to think about that combination, saying he'll be back in a few hours to see if her ordeal has made her more cooperative.

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Uncooperative Secretary enhanced (MP4) - Madison Grey

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