• I Need Your Help enhanced (MP4) - Jasmine St James

Jasmine has come to visit her friend Dave because she is desperate to give up smoking but is so addicted she can't stop. In a radical approach to the problem, she produces rope and a bandana from her bag and asks Dave to tie her up so that she can't get to her cigarettes. Amused, Dave agrees and ties her wrists, chest, ankles and knees and leaves her on the floor in his living room. After a few hours, Jasmine's craving for a cigarette has become intolerable and she calls to Dave, asking him to let her go. He refuses, saying it is for her own good. When she starts hurling abuse at him for leaving her tied up, he gags her to stop the bad language. Left alone again, Jasmine finally manages to gets her wrists free and unties herself. She hurries out to her car where she has a pack of cigarettes stashed in the glove box. When Dave comes after her, Jasmine says she is leaving and that he should not worry, but he drags her from the car and marches her back indoors, determined to help his friend kick the habit. This time, he ties her to a chair and secures the ropes even more tightly to stop her getting out. Knowing that she will soon start shouting at him again, Dave duct tapes her mouth shut and leaves her to sit there. Jasmine struggles to get free, and when it becomes clear to her that she won't succeed, she starts shouting through her gag and writhing around energetically, trying to get Dave to come back and attend to her, but of course he doesn't and Jasmine has to sit there and go cold turkey with her habit.

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I Need Your Help enhanced (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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