• Removal From the Board of Directors Remastered & Bonus Video (MP4) - Jennifer

Remastered to 1920x1080 pixels and with picture enhanced. An additional 9-minute movie has been added to the end showing Jennifer being tickled while helplessly tied to the same bed used in the main video.

Jennifer serves on the member of the board of a company that the original founder wishes to sell to a competitor. The board is hung which blocks the sale, so the founder has decided to adopt a drastic decision to prevent this happening in the final meeting where the vote will set the sale in motion. The most vociferous objector in Jennifer, and without her in the room it is likely that things will run a lot more smoothly. On the big day, the founder goes to Jennifer's home and catches her just as she is about to go into the office. He makes her drive to his home where he plans to keep her prisoner until the final and deciding meeting is over. He keeps her covered as he ties her up with ropes, placing her in a hogtie and cleave gagging her. He has tied the ropes tight and is sure Jennifer will not be able to escape, but while he is showering ready to change for the office, he comes back to find her partially free. Realizing that he will have to take more drastic steps to keep her out of circulation, he sets up a bed in the basement and makes her chain herself to it will handcuffs and ankles cuffs. To make sure she doesn't start shouting and attract the attention of his neighbors, he gags Jennifer with a large ball gag which fills her mouth. She is unable to reach it to pull it free, so she must lie there chained to the bed and gagged for the entire day until the man comes back. What then? He warns her that if she goes to the police her job with the company will end in disgrace. Maybe she will just have to keep quiet when all this is over... maybe.

32 minutes 28 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,489.1 MB

Removal From the Board of Directors Remastered & Bonus Video (MP4) - Jennifer

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