• Cancelled (MP4) - Jasmine St James

Jasmine is the start of a TV show where she plays an intrepid detective always getting herself into perilous fixes. While she is in the middle of filming a scene where she is tied to a chair next to a bomb, the director calls cut and announces to the crew that the show has been cancelled, and that they are to stop production immediately. Everyone is shell-shocked and departs, forgetting all about poor Jasmine still bound and gagged, and growing more angry at being left there by the minute.

A week later, Jasmine is relaxing at home in nothing but bra and panties, chatting about the cancellation to her agent, when a knock comes on the door. To her surprise and consternation, an avid fan of the show has tracked her down. He is so obsessed with the whole thing he seems to believe it is actually real. Jasmine stands up and backs away as the man shows her the bomb he built, an exact replica of the one on the show. He hates the fact that the show has been cancelled and that the finally, incomplete story will never be resolved. However, he has a solution for that: He plans to tie up Jasmine and set his bomb ticking, then film her escaping before the explosion. Jasmine tries to explain that the device shown on the show was just a prop, a fake. This upsets the obsessed fan who decides he wants Jasmine to prove her mettle by escape for real.

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Cancelled (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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