• The Contentious Inheritance (MP4) - Cadence Lux

Cadence has inherited almost the entire, substantial estate of her late Uncle Mark. His brother David is to receive very little of the wealth and he is not at all happy about it. He has arranged for Cadence to visit and stay overnight so that they can carpool on the drive into the city the next day for the reading of the will. As soon as Cadence arrives, Dave tries to talk her into sharing some more of the money with him but Cadence refuses, telling him it's not personal, that she is just abiding by her Uncle Mark's wishes.

Dave is not willing to let it go at that. He overpowers Cadence and ties her up. Expecting her to be difficult, he has line up a number of ways to torture her into submission. The first method is to have her hogtied face down on top of a bench, her thighs and waist tied to the bench itself. Dave then places a board containing rows of sharp spikes under Cadence's face, preventing her from resting her head. He says he will not remove the spikes unless she changes her mind. He chooses this moment to inform her that he now wants all the money, not just a percentage of it. Despite her perilous situation, Cadence holds out, refusing to yield to her uncle's demands.

Next, Dave tried dunking her head in a sink full of cold water, submerging her face again and again and forcing her to hold her breath. Still Cadence will not give in and sign over her inheritance. It's getting late, so Dave decides to leave his niece perched on a stool for the night, tied in such a way that she can't lie down. Despite having to endure a very long and tortuous night, Cadence is still holding her own. Given that the girl is so stubborn, Dave sees nothing else for it but to make her disappear. He stakes her out in the woods and sprays a chemical on her stomach to attract coyotes, then leaves her there while he heads off to keep the appointment with his brother's lawyers. While they will not sign the estate over to him right away, but eventually, when no one is able to find any trace of his neice, he will finally get the money.

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The Contentious Inheritance (MP4) - Cadence Lux

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