• The Serum (MP4) - Hannah Perez

Hannah has raised objections in company meetings relating to a serum being created by the research and development department; it is a serum that has the potential to control the mind and make it highly suggestible, and she disagrees with it on ethical grounds. When she and the lead scientist have a final showdown about her blocking his path, he decides to take drastic action. He disables Hannah and ties her to a chair, gagging her with duct tape. He then departs to retrieve a vial of the serum which he now plans to try out on his first human subject. (This is the opening of a somewhat patchy custom called "Justice Girl vs. The Dark Avenger". After this, the plot degenerates into nonsense, but this segment seemed worth saving and remastering. The Dark Avenger character was Hannah's very first bondage movie with Beauties in Bondage in 2012, and should itself be remastered one of these days).

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The Serum (MP4) - Hannah Perez

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