• Will I Ever Escape enhanced (MP4) - Lavender

Lavender is just setting off for work, but when she climbs into her car a man appears from behind her and presses a cloth over her nose and mouth. Lavender recovers to find herself tied to a pole and gagged with duct tape. She struggles with her bonds and eventually manages to get her hands free. She unties herself and makes a run for it, but she does not get far before the same masked man steps out from behind a tree and halts her progress. He makes her kneel with her hands on her head and her ankles crossed, then zip ties her wrists together. He takes her into the house and ties her to a chair, this time stuffing a cloth into her mouth to gag her and sticking white duct tape to her face. Things look hopeless, but after working at her wrists for a while, Lavender discovers the zip tie is partially caught on the sleeves of her jacket and has a little wiggle room. She gradually works the zip tie off and frees herself for a second time, making another bid to escape. She no sooner emerges from the back of the house when the masked man fires a tranquilizer dart into her butt. Lavender falls and crawls along the ground still trying to get away, but darkness is gathering around her and her journey ends with her fist clenching the grass as she slips away. Next time she wakes she finds herself tied up on the floor in a hogtie, a cleave gag in her mouth. For the third time, Lavender struggles with her bonds until she manages to release herself. She runs from the front of the house this time and hurries up the driveway. The masked man is nowhere to be seen so perhaps this time she will actually escape. (The story is told from the point of view of Lavender lying on the carpet and recalling her capture and escape attempts in flashbacks, complete with a voice-over of her thoughts).

21 minutes 04 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 975.3 MB

Will I Ever Escape enhanced (MP4) - Lavender

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