• Stripped, Cuffed & Taped enhanced (MP4) - Hannah Perez & Monica Jade

Hannah and Monica are just relaxing at home, exchanging girl chat before going out for the evening, when the front door of their house opens and closes. The girls look startled and call out to discover who's there. When a masked intruder enters the room, they jump up in panic, raising their hands and pleading with him not to hurt them. He orders the two girls to strip off their clothes, and aware that they have no choice they reluctantly comply. Once they are naked, the intruder gives Hannah a pair of handcuffs and instructs her to secure her friend's wrists together behind her back. He then makes Hannah handcuff herself, first looping the chain around Monica's cuffs so that the girls are compelled to stand back to back. The intruder orders them to sit on the floor and then proceeds to wrap duct tape around their shoulders, waists, thighs and ankles. He gags each girl with the duct tape to keep her quiet. He leaves them alone while he searches the house for valuables, during which time they struggle helplessly, completely unable to escape from their bonds. When the intruder returns, he duct tapes their ankles together to restrict their movements even more, making it impossible for them to reach the key to their handcuffs which he has left on the occasional table beside them. The intruder finally departs with his spoils, leaving his two naked victims in an inescapable predicament.

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Stripped, Cuffed & Taped enhanced (MP4) - Hannah Perez & Monica Jade

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