• Help From the Mailman Remastered (MP4) - Niki Lee Young

Niki is desperately short of money and has come up with a scheme to defraud her instance company. She has staged the robbery of some very valuable pieces of jewellery and has even notified the police that someone is in her house and that they should come quickly. Niki then tries to tie herself up to look as if a burglar left her bound and gagged, but she realizes a little too late that she has no idea how to attach the ropes. She is in a near-panic, wondering what to do when the mailman arrives with a package for her. She meets him at the door and asks him in to do her a favour. The mailman glances at his watch and says he can only spare her a few minutes. When he gets inside and sees the rope on the floor, and Niki asks him to tie her up, he says no way and turns to leave. Niki comes clean about the reason she needs to be tied up and promises the mailman a cut of the proceeds. Afraid that he would lose his job or worse, the mailman still refuses to help. To stop him walking out, Niki says she will split the insurance money 50:50 with him, and that it may be as much as half a million dollars. Not far off retirement and facing a meagre pension, the mailman is finally persuaded. He sets about tying Niki up, surprising her with how quickly and dexterously he is doing the job. She comments on this and he says he would rather not have to explain himself. He places Niki in a tight hogtie and gags her with duct tape, then wishes her luck with her scam. He departs and Niki lies there waiting for the police to show up... except, they don't. Something has gone horribly wrong. By evening, Niki is still trapped in the ropes, unable to escape. It looks like she will have to stay like that until the mailman comes again.

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Help From the Mailman Remastered (MP4) - Niki Lee Young

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