• Out Of Time enhanced (MP4) - Jade Indica

American army officer Lieutenant Jade Indica is caught out in the middle of a World War 2 air raid on London, crouching in a derelict building for cover from the falling bombs. She presses her hands pressed over her ears to block out the sound, but it's too loud, too close. She shrieks as a bomb hits the building. It seems like the world is about to end, but instead of being buried under rubble, she suddenly finds herself in a strange-looking living room. She falls onto her side, startled, confused. A man is in the room with her. He spins around, alarmed by her sudden appearance. He sees her uniform and assumes the worst. He asks her how she got into the house, but Jade is too confused to answer. He throttles her until her eyes close and she falls limply onto the floor. When she stirs, the man is in the middle of tying her up. Jade asks him what he is doing to her, and about the other soldiers, and the air raid. The man believes she must be mentally ill and thinks that she is perhaps harmless after all, but he can't afford to take any chances, given that he is wanted by the authorities. He finishes binding the girl in a hogtie, gags her, and then leaves the room.

Jade struggles to get free but it's hopeless; the ropes are too tight and the knots all out of reach of her probing fingers. In a while, the man returns. He is holding a syringe and a vial of some red liquid. He fills the syringe, saying that maybe he will get some sense out of her now. He injects her and Jade relaxes, ready to be interrogated. After a while, the man is convinced that Jade poses no immediate threat to him, so he decides to have a little fun with her. He secures her wrists with straps and attaches rope to the sides of the room, making her stretch out her arms. Her legs are forced wide apart by a spreader bar, making her skirt ride up. Jade, distressed and panicking, asks why she is being treated this way. The man attaches a restrictive collar around her neck, and finally pushes a yellow ball gag into her mouth to keep her quiet. He says he has to go out for a while. The poor girl can hardly balance on her heels, her suffering greater than she experienced back in war-torn London! If only she could tumble back through time.

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Out Of Time enhanced (MP4) - Jade Indica

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