• Please Let Us Go & Follow The Money together (MP4) - Lydia Lael & Vonka Romanov

1.Please Let Us Go

Two girls have been grabbed off the street by a man who enjoys tying up women and keeping them as his play things. As the girls are forced into their captor's lair, they are both locked in handcuffs, making escape difficult. The man locks Lydia's arms around a pole, leaving him free to work on tying up Vonka, placing her in a hogtie on the floor. As soon as she is secure, he removes the cuffs from Lydia's wrists and forces her down onto the floor next to her friend. In less than two minutes, she two is bound in a hogtie. Their captor they gags both girls with duct tape and leaves the room. Lydia and Vonka struggle against the ropes holding them, but getting out alone seems hopeless, The girls position themselves so that they can untie one another. It takes an agonizing length of time, or so it seems to them, but free at last, they make a run for the metal doors via which they entered. The lift the door, only to find the man on the other side, armed, as if ready for them. He makes the girls re-enter his lair, once again securing Lydia to a pole with handcuffs while he re-ties Vonka. Because they tried to escape, the girls are now to be punished. Their captor ties each of them in such a way that they are forced to kneel with their feet off the floor. Ropes attached to the ceiling hold them upright, leaving them in a very uncomfortable predicament. This time, the girls are cleave gagged before their captor begins groping them, advising them to get used to this because "We're going to be together for a very long time." When he finally leaves them alone again, the girls cannot possible reach one another to untie any of the ropes, not this time. All they can do is kneel and moan through their gags, desperately uncomfortable and helpless.

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2. Follow The Money

Rookie FBI agents Lydia Lael and Vonka Romanov have been tracking a international money launderer for some time by following the trail of money. This has finally led them to his hideout, and rather than requesting back up, the girls decide they want the glory of finally arresting this guy and bringing him in. They tackle him, but the encounter does not go well. He gets the drop on Vonka and forced Lydia to disarm. He ties the girls wrists and ankles with zip ties before carrying them both to his basement where, for now at least, he is going to keep them prisoner. He starts by stripping down to their bra and panties before suspended them off the floor, rendering them completely powerless. He gropes the girls as they hang in the air, unable to ward off his attention. He gags the two agents and leaves for a while, but although the girls struggle, there is no way for them to escape. When he returns, their captor decides to change things up and have a little more fun with his captives. He moves them from basement to garage and ties them back to back on chairs, stuffing their mouths and gagging them before departing for a second time. Once again, the agents try to escape, but the only rope Lydia can reach is not going to help them very much. As if their situation could not get any worse, their captor comes back again. He tells them that, rather than continue with his plans, he is putting them on hold in order to spend time with the girls, feeling their bodies as they sit helpless in their underwear. Maybe they should have called for backup after all.

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Please Let Us Go & Follow The Money together (MP4) - Lydia Lael & Vonka Romanov

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