• Haunted: Part 2 (MP4) - Jasmine St James

Coming face to face with her tormentor again plunges Jasmine back into the nightmare of captivity. She is powerless to stop her antagonist as he ties her to a chair and pulls her skirt up, exposing the tops of her stockings and her suspenders. He gags Jasmine and goes to have a look around her house to refresh his memory, hoping to find somewhere new to keep her prisoner. Before he returns, Jasmine struggles frantically and manages to free her hands. She unties herself then runs to her car, hoping to get away before her captor discovers that she is free. Unfortunately, he is already outside, retrieving rope to use on her out in the woods where he has decided to keep her. He intercepts her before she can get into her car, ties her wrists together behind her back, attaches a collar to her neck and leads her deep into the trees. Once they reach a spot he likes, he frees Jasmine hands and orders her to undress, stripping down to her lingerie. Reluctantly, Jasmine obeys. Her captor then ties her spreadeagled between to trees, leaving her there to suffer for her attempt to escape him.

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Haunted: Part 2 (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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