• The Bondage Web: Taken (MP4) - Cadence Lux

Cadence is working late at the office. The char lady brings her a coffee to keep her going before she heads home. Cadence drinks it as she continues going through her papers. Suddenly, she feels very tired. The room seems to be spinning. She falls forward. Suddenly, the room is gone. When she returns to the world, she finds herself in the back of a vehicle. Her wrists and ankles are bound, a cleave gag is in her mouth and a hood is over her head to ensure she cannot see where she is being taken. When the vehicle stops, the hood is removed and Cadence is forced to get out and hop towards a building. Inside, she is told to lie down on a bed and cuff her ankles and one of her wrists. Her captor secures the other wrist. When she begins calling for help, he sticks duct tape over her mouth then leaves her alone.

Later, much later, Cadence is given a key to release the cuffs, and is then to forced to take off her clothes and put on some sexy lingerie. It seems her captor has more plans for her.

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The Bondage Web: Taken (MP4) - Cadence Lux

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