• The Intruders plus Bonus Video (MP4) - Jessica

Jessica is just putting the finishing touches to her makeup ready to go out for a fun evening, when an intruder barges into her home, makes her strip off her clothes and then ties her up, placing her in a tight hogtie. He gags her with microfoam tape, keeping her quiet so that the neighbors don't hear her screams. He leaves her to struggle for a while, waiting for his partner to arrive. The second intruder shows up soon enough, and rather than just leave Jessica bound and gagged on the floor, he decides to grope her. She manages to get the gag off her mouth several times to curse at him, but he quickly puts it back and carries on enjoying himself with this helpless, naked victim.

A bonus video has been added: "Tickling Jessica" where she shows just how chronically ticklish she is. It drives her crazy to be tickled while cuffed to a bed frame, unable to stop her tickler from making her squeal as he explores the ticklishness of various parts of her naked body.

28 minutes 57 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,329.6 MB

The Intruders plus Bonus Video (MP4) - Jessica

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