• Test of Loyalty enhanced (MP4) - Amber Wells

Amber works as a ballerina in a dance company, but the organization is actually a cover for the illegal distribution of controlled substances. Desperately in need of money, Amber has reluctantly agreed to act as a courier. She has been instructed to go to a particular address to deliver a consignment. To compensate for her nervousness on this first job, she dresses up in leather to make herself look more confident and assertive. When she meets the Receiver, he asks her for a password which she supplies. Invited to enter, however, Amber tries to back away, having changed her mind. The Receiver persuades her to stay. As he inspect the consignment, Amber nervously admits that this is her first time doing this kind of thing. At this point, the Receiver tells her that he is actually an FBI Agent and that she is under arrest for trafficking controlled substances. Amber begs for clemency, but when asked to give up the name of the man at the top, she refuses out of fear for her safety. Amber is handcuffed and made to sit in a chair, her legs tied to the chair legs with zip ties. She is then gagged and given time to reconsider. If she helps the authorities, she will receive a lighter sentence. At last, Amber agrees to cooperate and is asked to speak to the boss and lure him to the house. She does as she is asked, only to learn that the man holding her captive is not an FBI Agent, but the real Receiver. Because she can't be trusted, Amber will now have to be disposed removed. She is tied to a pole in the basement and a device is placed on a stool in front of her. The Receiver starts the countdown and departs thinking he will make a clean getaway. Amber panics, seeing no way out of her terminal predicament. When the sound of shouting voices reaches her, she realizes the police are here and does her best to attract their attention before it is too late.

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Test of Loyalty enhanced (MP4) - Amber Wells

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