• The Bondage Web: Peril (MP4) - Cadence Lux

Following her failed escape attempt, Cadence is now in trouble. Because her captor is going out for a while, he wants to make very sure that an unattended Cadence does not escape again. After making her remove her dress, leaving her in her lingerie, he tells her to sit on a chair perched on a rubber mat. The mat rests on a metal sheet, an ominous addition. Cadence has her wrists and ankles secured with plastic cuffs before she is gagged with duct tape. Before departing, her captor attached two electrical leads to the metal sheet and then turns on the power, electrifying it. Now if Cadence should work her way off the may, she will receive a huge jolt of electricity. Alone now, she sits still, afraid to makes anything more than small movements for fear of electrocution. She undergoes the stress of having to sit in this position for an extended period of time, actually wanting her captor to return and remove her from this perilous situation.

When he finally does return and shut off the power, Cadence sags with relief. The man cuts her free and orders her to strip off completely in preparation for a night tied to a bed. As unlikely as escape is, should she succeed, she will find it much harder to navigate through darkness in the nude. To ensure that she does not disturb her captor during the long night, she is again gagged with duct tape to ensure her silence. Cadence is starting to feel that this nightmare may never end.

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The Bondage Web: Peril (MP4) - Cadence Lux

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