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Candle is just finishing her housework before leaving for the office. Over the noise of the vacuum cleaner, she does not hear the approach of a man carrying a cloth in his hand. He grabs Candle, presses the cloth over her nose and mouth, and holds on to her until she sinks to the floor and stops moving. When Candle wakes, she finds herself tied to a chair. Her captor explains that the other board members where she works do not welcome her views at the present time, and one of them has taken steps to keep Candle away from work for a few days, by arranging for her to be held captive in her own home. Candle is gagged and left alone. She fights hard to free herself, and while it is far from easy she eventually manages to loosen the ropes binding her wrists. She makes a run for it, trying to get to her car and flee to safety, but the man has seen her and fires a dart into her butt. As Candle staggers in mounting confusion, the man grabs her and throws her over his shoulder. Her escape attempt has been thwarted. When she wakes for a second time, Candle finds herself suspended some 18 inches above the floor. The man is still in the process of chaining her up, immobilizing her. Candle thrashes around, so the man brings in a pair of ankle cuffs and runs the chain across Candle's neck, locking the cuffs to the harness supporting her. Now she faces the predicament of not being able to lower her head without the chain biting into her throat. She even has thumb cuffs locked on her thumbs to make sure she can't undo the straps tightly secured around her wrists. Completely helpless now, Candle faces a very uncomfortable few days swaying and slowly turning, the floor so close and yet so far away.

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You Should Not Have Tried To Escape (WMV) - Candle Boxxx

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