• Teacher in Trouble enhanced (MP4) - Keri Spectrum

Keri is a conservatively-dressed teacher who is very strict with her students. She arrives home from work one afternoon to find her front door unlocked. Thinking a friend who knows where she keeps her outside key has dropped by, she enters the house with no real suspicion that anything is wrong. But things are very wrong. As she steps into the living room she encounters an armed, masked man. Keri cowers against the wall, trying to make herself tiny and  not at all threatening. She must have passed out because when she wakes, she finds herself seated in her armchair with her wrists, ankles and thighs bound with rope. The masked intruder comes quietly up behind her and startles her. He asks were she keeps her valuables and Keri insists that she doesn't have any. The man does not believe her and applies a cleave gag to keep her quiet. While he is searching the house, Keri manages to get free and makes a run for it. She almost reaches her car before she feels something sting her backside. She realizes she has been hit by some kind of dart as her world begins to spin. Slowly, she sinks to the ground. When she recovers this time, she finds herself thoroughly tied to a chair, already cleave gagged. The man hovers around her, and he starts to say things which alarm Keri. He knows she is a school teacher, and even admits that a cousin of his attends her school. Seemingly, Keri is very strict and mean. The man therefore has no qualms about removing her cleave gag, stuffing a handkerchief into her mouth and taping her mouth shut with gorilla duct tape. Annoyed by Keri's conservative clothes, the man completely unbuttons her blouse and pulls it aside, exposing her ample breasts. With a pair of scissors, he cuts the hem of her denim skirt and then rips it all the way up to the waistband, exposing Keri's pink panties. Satisfied with his work, he returns to the task of searching for her valuables while Keri stills struggles futilely to escape for a second time. (Noise reduction using "Neat").

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Teacher in Trouble enhanced (MP4) - Keri Spectrum

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