• Made To Miss Her Flight enhanced (MP4 1080p) - Shauna Ryanne

Flight Attendant Shauna has been taken on her way to work at Newark Airport where she was scheduled to work on Flight NS471. Instead, her captor has driven her to a remote location some miles away from the airport. He makes her to climb out of the car and, with hands already tied behind her back, she is led into a garage where she is forced to sit on a chair. As Shauna is being tied to the chair, she demands to know what is going on. Her captor confirms the flight she was supposed to be on, and she replies that when she doesn't show up people will come looking for her. He counters that someone who looks very like Shauna will be taking her place, which is why he needed to get her out of the way. Before he leaves, he gags her with duct tape and says he will be back the following day to release her. Shauna watches him drive away and immediately begins trying to free her hands. The ropes are tight and she can't reach any of the knots. She works her chair towards a work bench where she sees a hacksaw, and maneuvres herself around so that she can reach it with her feet. After several attempts, she manages to position the hacksaw on the edge of the table where she might just be able to reach it. As she makes the attempt, however, she accidentally knocks the hacksaw to the floor. She moans in despair, then retrieves the hacksaw with her feet and manages to position it in such a way she just might be able to cut through the ropes binding her ankles. It is likely to take a long time, and even if she succeeds she will still be far from free, but it is better than doing nothing. (Noise reduction using "Neat").

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Made To Miss Her Flight enhanced (MP4 1080p) - Shauna Ryanne

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